MIRZADEH is a dark metal quintet hailing from frozen territory of Finland. Band has been together since year 2000. Members of the band are Mirox on vocals and rhythm guitar, Shagul on lead guitar, Fafner on drums, Lues on bass and Exitus on keyboards.


Mirzadeh’s music is cast on midtempo metal base with melodic arrangements weaved by lead guitar and keyboards. Mirox’ vocal style contains both growling and screaming. In some songs there are also some clean vocals handled by guest musicians.


Mirzadeh’s lyrics are dealing with the ancient finnish world and the people that lived back then. Most lyrics draw a picture of believes and fears that the people had in their lives every day. Not all the believes were peaceful but tragic when looking back with the eyes of a man today. These tragic and often very fateful believes make a dark twist to Mirzadeh’s art.


Band’s back catalogue includes one self-financed mcd and one full-length album released through firebox -recording label. Mirzadeh has also released music video of song “Tuonelan Lasten Tanssi”. Video has gathered over 230.000 views in youtube!


Latest album “Desired Mythic Pride” was recorded and mixed during summer 2013. Release is expected to see moonlight in 2014.

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